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Volunteers are a key element in the successful running of a province wide hockey tournament. The All-Ontario U13AAA Provincial Championship is no different. We need up to 240 slots filled in order to have a successful and safe event. Assignments include ticket taking at the entrance, selling of merchandise, draw tickets etc. controlling access to certain areas of the FW Gardens, updating our web site, supporting volunteers, recording statistics and cleaning change rooms. We are also looking for individuals to sing the national anthem at the start of each competition day. Please fill out the following form to register as interested and available in helping out.


Dates and times in bold indicate shifts that overlap a King’s Game

Wednesday Availability
Thursday Availability
Friday Availability
Saturday Availability
Sunday Availability

As there can be as many as 6 games in a day we have decided to create shifts of 3 to 4 hours at a time. In many cases these include one game and part of a second. – Don’t worry, we will not assign you to more than one shift a day but it will help if we know all of the days and times that you are available so that we can ensure we have the entire tournament staffed.

Please indicate if you are a family member of the Kings U13 team and will be unavailable to work during any of the Kings games.
Will you be available to volunteer?
Are you a member of the King's Alumni having played for one of the teams in the past?
Are you part of a couple that would prefer working the same shift(s)? If yes, please indicate the name of the other person.
Do you have any retail sales experience including handling cash?
Do you have any experience updating web pages?
Are you a singer who would be interested in singing the national anthem at the commencement of each day. Anthem is to be sung in both official languages.

Team Host Volunteers Wanted

Team Host Volunteers will be the main point of contact and provide support to the team they are assigned to from the time of arrival as early as April 10 to the time of departure the day after the tournament ends on April 17. Team Hosts are expected to be on-call by telephone from beginning to end but the role will primarily be to assist the team managers in the logistics of being in Thunder Bay. This will include assisting in arranging reservations at various restaurants, access to a range of recreation facilities, travel logistics within the community and obtaining emergency medical services among other requirements. One individual will be assigned to each team through out their stay in Thunder Bay.

If you are available full time from April 10 to 17 and have extensive knowledge of what Thunder Bay has to offer, and are wiling to be a full time Team Host please click yes below

Ticket Sellers at Tournament of Champions

We require volunteers to staff a table at the upcoming Tournament of Champions being held on March 16 to 19th for the purpose of selling tickets to the All Ontario U13 AAA Championship.

Please select all that you would be available to staff

The event is being held at the Fort William Gardens, Delaney Arena and Fort William First Nation Arena