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Coach Newhouse Excited to Work With the U15 Players

As part of the lead-up to Try-outs (starting May 31, 2024), we are featuring our Head Coaches for the upcoming season.

The second interview is with returning U15AAA Head Coach Joe Newhouse.

Tell us about your hockey playing career.

I grew up playing hockey in Thunder Bay at the AA level, and once I was U15 eligible I joined the Kings program. I played 3 years in the Kings program, before finishing my final 4 years of hockey at the Jr A level.


Tell us about your coaching experience.

My coaching experience over the previous 4 years with the Kings has been phenomenal. Being able to share my knowledge while continually learning from other coaches and players has been a pleasure. Building relationships and helping develop the next generation of hockey players and community members is something I do not take for granted.


Describe your coaching style.

My coaching style is athlete centered. The reason we coach is to create a fun and inclusive environment that allows players to be themselves. I believe getting to know each player will ultimately benefit their overall development as a player and a person. We ask a lot from our players but also give them flexibility and incorporate them into some decision making. I am not someone who will yell and scream as I’d rather have a constructive and civil conversation.


What are the most important qualities for a hockey player, both on and off ice?

The most important qualities for hockey players both on and off the ice are consistency, effort, and attitude. These qualities go hand-in-hand and are interrelated. If someone is able to bring the same intensity and drive into everything they do on and off the ice to become a better hockey player, that is what will ultimately get them to the next level. If players can be consistent in their training and game while also having a positive attitude and outlook on situations they are giving, it gives them a huge advantage over their competition.


How do you approach player development?

I approach player development from a holistic standpoint. There is never only one part of a player that can improve. Yes, everyone has strengths and weaknesses from a skill standpoint and it is very important to identify these skills, but in order for a player to truly develop they must look at everything as a whole. Nutrition, off ice habits, being a good teammate, work ethic and maintaining positive relationships are all a part of player development. Ensuring these other aspects are being taken care of will allow for a player to be in the best position to develop. As a coach, it is important to understand that individuals have life outside of hockey and these factors can be impacting their development. Being a role model and sounding board for players when needed goes a long way.

On the ice, it is very important to communicate with each player where you see deficiencies in their game and to work with the player and staff to develop a plan to help work on these deficiencies, while also maintaining and developing other skills. Having regular meetings whether they be formal or informal can help create a clear picture for players in their development pathway, and what they can work on. Allowing players to have input into their plan allows them to be even more accountable.


Why did you apply to be a Kings coach for this season?

I applied to be a Kings coach this season because it is a great opportunity to work with a great group of elite-level hockey players. I am confident this group of 2010 and 2011 players has the opportunity to be a special team, and our staff couldn’t turn down the potential opportunity.


What are you looking forward to the most about the upcoming season?

I am looking forward to competing. Competition in tryouts, competition in practice, and competition in dryland will all lead to being competitive in the GTHL. I know what this group is capable of and I am looking forward to showcasing their talent and ability every time we step on the ice or into the gym.


To register for Try-Outs, click HERE.


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