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Jack Geddes Memorial Award

The Jack Geddes Memorial Award is given annually to the player in the Thunder Bay Kings organization that demonstrates exceptional community spirit through volunteerism.

This player should also be a great teammate and a role model to their peers.

Jack Geddes was a long-time manager and executive member in the Kings organization that gave back to our community selflessly.

He was a strong believer in the Kings program and the life lessons it teaches it’s players.

He felt strongly that it was very important that the players give back to the community that gives them so much.

The family along with long-time friend Darryl Blazino present annually a scholarship to the player that truly shows the qualities that Jack would be very proud of.

Jack Cook
2019-20: Eric Vanska & Alex Pineau
2018-19: Brody Stenlund
2017-18: Owen Loubier
2016-17: Manerplaw Winning
2015-16: Thomas Brassard
2014-15: Anthony Tassone
2013-14: Alex Grant